The Digital Humanities Working Group at the University of Florida


  • Alexandra Cenatus
  • Megan Daly
  • Tiffany Esteban George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida



Alexandra Cenatus, Megan Daly, and Tiffany Esteban, the Co-Conveners of the UF Digital Humanities Working Group (DHWG), will share the story of the founding of the DHWG, its mission, and its work, from first projects to current events and future aspirations. The DHWG started as a small team composed of UF library employees and Humanities scholars engaged with exploring the newly emerging field of digital humanities. It has since expanded its membership to library professionals, researchers, instructors, and students from around the country. The group hosts lightning rounds on a monthly basis for UF community members and speakers from other universities to share their projects and their digital humanities knowledge, learn from each other, and collaborate. The group also keeps the UF community informed about trends and upcoming events in digital humanities across the country by sending out news and conference calls over its listserv. This article in Source Magazine will spread the word about the DHWG to a wide audience of UF readers to inform them about the past, current, and future of the digital humanities at the University of Florida and welcome them to join in the activities. 




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Cenatus, Alexandra, Megan Daly, and Tiffany Esteban. 2021. “The Digital Humanities Working Group at the University of Florida”. SOURCE: The Magazine of the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries 3 (2).