Building Heritage & The Digital World

Documenting the Evolution of St. Augustine’s Built Environment


  • Laura Douglass Marion University of Florida
  • Casey Wooster University of Florida


Governor’s House Library preserves and provides access to historical resources that enhance our understanding and appreciation of St. Augustine's built heritage. The library holds papers from the former state agency, Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board (HSAPB). From 1959 to 1997, HSAPB researched, excavated, restored, reconstructed, and interpreted buildings from the city’s Spanish colonial past. Their work in archaeology, historic preservation, and public history transformed the city’s streetscapes and laid the foundation for how we see St. Augustine’s past and present. Yet, many visitors and locals alike today do not know the story behind the agency’s reimagination of the colonial presidio.   To bring this tale out of boxes and to the public, Governor’s House Library completed a series of federally funded grants over the past decade to process its collections, which allowed a shift in focus to digitization and access. These efforts culminated in the library’s first online exhibit, “The Making of Historic St. Augustine,” in October 2020. The exhibit utilizes ArcGIS StoryMaps to re-construct HSPAB’s narrative through their papers and invites visitors to explore the agency’s legacy in an interactive map.

Author Biographies

Laura Douglass Marion, University of Florida

Laura Marion is the Collections Coordinator at Governor's House Library in St. Augustine, FL.

Casey Wooster, University of Florida

Casey Wooster is the Collections Assistant at Governor's House Library in St. Augustine, FL.




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Marion, Laura Douglass, and Casey Wooster. 2021. “Building Heritage &Amp; The Digital World: Documenting the Evolution of St. Augustine’s Built Environment”. SOURCE: The Magazine of the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries 3 (2).