Phylogenetic Relationships of a Distinct Species of Globodera from Portugal and Two Punctodera Species

  • A. Sabo
  • L. G. L. Reis
  • E. Krall
  • M. Mundo-Ocampo
  • V. R. Ferris
Keywords: 5.8s gene, globodera, its1, its2, nematode, phylogenetic analysis, punctodera, punctodera chalcoensis, punctodera punctata, ribosomal dna


Evolutionary relationships based on ribosomal DNA (rDNA) sequence data for a previously unknown species of Globodera from Portugal, Punctodera chalcoensis from Mexico, and P. punctata from Estonia, plus previously published sequences, support the following relationships: (((Cactodera weissi, G. artemisiae, C. milleri), ((G. sp. Bouro, G. sp. Canha, G. sp. Ladoeiro), ((G. pallida, G. rostochiensis), (P. chalcoensis, P. punctata)))), Heterodera avenae). Globodera sp. from Portugal, which can be confused with potato cyst nematodes by phytosanitary services when the identification is based only on morphological characters, is clearly different based on our molecular data. In addition, the rDNA data show the Globodera sp. to be only distantly related to other European Globodera species that parasitize Asteraceae. Punctodera chalcoensis and P. punctata form a sister clade to the G. pallida + G. rostochiensis clade.