<I>Solanum</I> Tuber-bearing Species Resistance Behavior Against <I>Nacobbus aberrans</I>


  • Silvia I. Suarez
  • Eliseo J. Chaves
  • Andrea M. Clausen
  • Javier Franco


Andean potato landrace, Nacobbus aberrans, resistance, Solanum species, wild tuber-bearing species


Naccobus aberrans is a major pest of the potato crop in the Andean regions of Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru It is endemic in northwest Argentina and is also found in lowlands. The resistance of eleven Andean potato landraces and three accessions of the wild tuber-bearing species Solanum acaule, S. infundibuliforme, and S. megistacrolobum were evaluated against a population of N. aberrans from Coctaca, Jujuy province, while Solanum tuberosum ssp. tuberosum 'Spunta', 'Kennebec', and 'Frital INTA' were evaluated against a population from the southeast of Buenos Aires province. The presence, the number of galls, and the number of individuals were recorded. In addition, a reproduction factor was calculated and races were determined. Results showed that the N. aberrans population from Coctaca corresponded to race 2 and the population from the lowlands belonged to the sugar beet group. Landrace Azul, one genotype of S. megistacrolobum, and two genotypes of S. acaule showed resistance towards the race from Coctaca while no infection was recorded in potato cultivars with the Naccobus race from the lowland area.