Management of the Citrus Nematode, Tylenchulus semipenetrans

  • S. Verdejo-Lucas
  • M. V. McKenry
Keywords: biological control, citrus, citrus nematode, citrus paradise, nematicides, nematode management, host resistance, poncirus trifoliate, soil solarization, swingle citrumelo, tylenchulus semipenetrans


Of the many nematode species that parasitize citrus, Tylenchulus semipenetrans is the most important on a worldwide basis. Management of the citrus nematode remains problematic as no one tactic gives adequate control of the nematode. An overall management strategy must include such components as site selection, use of non-infected nursery stock, use of at lease one post-plant nematode control tactic, and careful management of other elements of the environment that may stress the trees. Nematicides continue to play a key role in management of this pest. Optimum results require careful attention to application techniques.