Effect of Artemisia vulgaris Rhizome Extracts on Hatching, Mortality, and Plant Infectivity of Meloidogyne megadora

  • S. dos S. da R. Costa
  • M. S. N. de A. Santos
  • M. F. Ryan
Keywords: artemisia vulgaris, botanical-nematicide, meloidogyne megadora, mugwort, root-knot nematode, toxicity


The activity of an ethanolic rhizome extract of Artemisia vulgaris against hatching, mortality, host plant infectivity, and galling of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne megadora was investigated. The extract inhibited egg hatch (50% inhibition by 2.35mg/ml) and caused second-stage juvenile mortality (50% lethality at 12 hours' exposure to 55.67 mg/ml), both in a dose-dependent manner. Nematode infectivity on Phaseolus vulgaris 'Bencanta Trepar', a susceptible host, decreased in a dose-responsive manner (50% inhibition at 6.28 hours exposure to extract). When applied directly to the soil, the extract reduced root galling on a susceptible host in a dose-dependent manner (50% inhibition by 32.36 mg/ml). After dilution in distilled water, the extract did not lose activity when stored in the dark at 25ºC for 15 days.