SeinFit, a Computer Program for the Estimation of the Seinhorst Equation


  • N. M. Viaene
  • P. Simoens
  • G. S. Abawi


A computer program, "SeinFit," was created to determine the Seinhorst equation that best fits experimental data on the relationship between preplant nematode densities and plant growth. Data, which can be entered manually or imported from a text file, are displayed in a data window while the corresponding graph is shown in a graph window. Various options are available to manipulate the data and the graph settings. The best-fitting Seinhorst equation can be calculated by two methods that are both based on the evaluation of the residual sum of squares. Depending on the method, a range of values for different parameters of the Seinhorst equation can be chosen, as well as the number of steps in each range. Data, graphs, and values of the parameters of the Seinhorst equation can be printed. The program allows for quick calculation of the danaage threshold density - one of the parameters of the Seinhorst model. Versions written for Macintosh or DOS-compatible machines are currently available through the Society of Nematologists' World Wide Web site ( nematode/SOFTWARE/nemasoft.htm). Key words: computer program, crop loss assessment, damage threshold, management, nematode, SeinFit, Seinhorst equation, yield loss.