A New Species and New Combinations of Brevitobrilus Tsalolikhin, 1981 (Nematoda: Tobrilidae) from Spain

  • A. Ocaña
  • J. A. Hernandez
  • I. Martin


A new species of Brevitobrilus Tsalolikhin, Brevitobrilus montanus n. sp., found in high mountain lakes and rivers in Granada, Spain, is described. Additional data on Brevitobrilus granatensis (Ocafia & Zullini, 1988) n. comb. are provided. Brevitobrilus raontanus n. sp. is characterized by moderate size (1.3-1.8 mm), amphid aperture width one-quarter the head width, subterminal seta distance from terminus four times the width of the terminal end of the tail, and supplements S5 and S6 separated. Tobrilus granatensis Ocafia & Zullini, 1988; Tobrilus sardus Vinciguerra & Zullini, 1991; and Tobrilus siculus Vinciguerra & Zullini, 1991 are all transferred to Brevitobrilus. Differences among the 13 species of Brevitobrilus are discussed. Key words: Brevitobrilus, description, nematode, new species, taxonomy, Tobrilus