Host Status of 32 Plant Species to Meloidogyne konaensis

  • Fengru Zhang
  • D. P. Schmitt


A host suitability study of 32 plant species to Meloidogyne konaensis included 54 vegetable cultivars, 12 field crop cultivars, one Gardenia sp., and two weed species. Host suitability was classified according to a M. konaensis reproductive factor: final population density (Pf) (eggs + J2) / initial population density (Pi) (eggs). The number of eggs per gram dry root, and a galling index was also included. Reproductive factor ranges and percentages of plants in the ranges were as follows: Pf/Pi 5.0, 56.5%; 5.0 = Pf/Pi 1.0, 24.6%; 1.0 = Pf/Pi 0, 15.9%; and Pf/Pi = 0, 3%. Peanut and 'Decicco' broccoli were nonhosts. Few or no galls were observed on pepper, corn, ginger, waterchestnut, 'Michihili' chinese and 'Marion' market cabbage, although the reproductive factor of M. konaensis was above 5 on these plants. Key words: field crops, gardenia, Meloidogyne konaensis, nematode, nonhosts, root-knot nematode, vegetable, weed.