Efficacy of Fenamiphos Formulations Applied through Irrigation for Control of Meloidogyne incognita on Squash


  • A. W. Johnson
  • J. R. Young


Management ofMeloidogyne incognita by chemigation with fenamiphos was studied in an infested field planted to M. incognita-suscepfible yellow summer squash cv. Dixie Hybrid. Fenamiphos (VL 73.1% a.i. manufacturing concentrate in propylene glycol) was mixed with Unitol DSR-90 or used as fenamiphos 3 SC (spray concentrate). Both formulations, applied with 63.5 kl irrigation water per hectare, decreased numbers of M. incognita second-stage juveniles in the soil and root-gall indices, and increased yield of squash compared with the untreated control. There was no benefit achieved by mixing the fenamiphos concentrate with Unitol DSR-90 over the use of fenamiphos 3 SC formulation. Fenamiphos application rates between 3.36 and 6.72 kg a.i./ha could provide control of M. incognita comparable to that obtained with 6.72 kg a.i./ha. Reduced rates of fenamiphos applied with irrigation water used to control plant-parasitic nematodes could reduce the potential for groundwater pollution as well as cost to the grower. Key words: Cucurbita pepo, fenamiphos, Meloidogyne incognita, nemagation, nematicide, nematode, root-knot nematode, summer squash.