Effects of Temperature, Shoot Age, and Medium on Gall Induction by Subanguina picridis in Vitro

  • X. Ou
  • A. K. Watson


The influence of temperature, shoot age, and medium on gall induction by Subanguina picridis on Russian knapweed (Acroptilon repens) was examined in vitro. The optimal temperature for gall formation was 20 C. Gall induction was delayed as the temperature decreased, and decreased as shoot age increased. Bud primordia (0-day-old shoots and 5-day-old shoots) with an average length of 4.2 mm and 7.9 mm were the most suitable tissues for nematode development and gall formation. Gall formation was more effective on B5G medium than on MSG. Young shoots under slow growth were most suitable for mass rearing of S. picridis. Key words: Acroptilon repens, culture, gall induction, knapweed nematode, medium, nematode, Russian knapweed, shoot age, Subanguina picridis, temperature.