Penetration Rates by Second-stage Juveniles of Meloidogyne spp. and Heterodera glycines into Soybean Roots

  • T. R. Gourd
  • D. P. Schmitt
  • K. R. Barker


The rates of soybean root penetration by freshly hatched second-stage juveniles (J2) of Meloidogyne arenaria, M. hapla, M. incognita, M. javanica, and Heterodera glycines races 1 and 5 were examined over a period of 1 to 240 hours. Heterodera gtycines entered roots more quickly than Meloidogyne spp. Penetration by most nematodes was accomplished within 48 hours. The increases in penetration after 48 hours were insufficient to warrant further assessments. Penetration of J2 into roots of soybean seedfings in a styrofoam container was as good or better than in a clay pot. Thus, rapid and accurate root-penetration assessments can be made at 48 hours after inoculation. Key words: Glycine max, Heterodera glycines, infection, Meloidogyne arenaria, M. hapla, M. incognita, M. javanica, nematode, penetration, root, soybean.