Morphology of Second-stage Juveniles and Males of Globodera tabacum tabacum, G. t. virginiae, and G. t. solanacearum (Nemata: Heteroderinae)

  • Manuel M. Mota
  • Jonathan D. Eisenback


Morphological comparisons with light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy were made among second-stage juveniles (J2) and males of several isolates of the three subspecies of the tobacco cyst nematode complex, Globodera tabacum sspp. tabacum, virginiae, and solanacearum. Observations focused on the anterior region, (including head shape, lip pattern, and stylet morphology) and the tail region (including tail shape in J2 and spicules in males). The three subspecies could not be separated on the basis of any of these characters. Key words: Globodera tabacum solanacearum, G. t. tabacum, G. t. virginiae, juvenile, light microscopy, lip region, male, morphology, nematode, scanning electron microscopy, stylet, tail, variability.