Further Details and SEM Observations on Meloidogyne marylandi (Nematoda: Meloidogynidae)


  • A. Morgan Golden


Specimens of Meloidogyne marylandi from Bermuda grass and a population from Zoysia grass were examined and compared morphologically by light and electron microscopy. The populations probably are conspecific and the differences noted in the Zoysia population, mainly those of second-stage juveniles (J2) with shorter tails, are considered normal variations rather than representing another form. Scanning electron microscope observations provided additional details of the perineal pattern and head of females and head and lateral fields of second-stage juveniles. Relationship of M. marylandi to closely related species is given. This species is currently known to occur only in Maryland, and populations previously reported from this state as M. graminis are now considered to be M. marylandi. Other reports of M. graminis in the United States now need to be reconfirmed by examination of voucher or recollected specimens. Key words: host, Meloidogyne marylandi, morphology, population, root-knot nematode, taxonomy, turf grass.