Ditylenchus destructor in Hulls and Seeds of Peanut

  • D. De Waele
  • B. L. Jones
  • C. Bolton
  • E. van den Berg


The potato rot nematode, Ditylenehus destructor Thorne, is reported for the first time in hulls and seeds of peanut. The populations found differed from D. dipsaei and D. myceliophagus in habitat, number of lateral incisures, shape of tail tip, and length of postvulval sac. Infected hulls had brown necrotic tissue at the point of connection with the peg, and a black discoloration appeared first along the longitudinal veins. Infected seeds were usually shrunken, and testae and embryos had a yellow to brown or black discoloration. Of 877 seed samples graded "damaged" from all major peanut producing areas of South Africa, 73% were infected. Key words: Arachis hypogaea, Ditylenchus destructor, morphology, peanut, peanut rot nematode, South Africa, symptom.