Studies on the Host Range, Biology, and Pathogenicity of Punctodera punctata Infecting Turfgrasses

  • A. D. Radice
  • R. F. Myers
  • P. M. Halisky


Punctodera punctata completed its life cycle on Poa annua (annual bluegrass), P. pratensis (Merion Kentucky bluegrass), Lolium perenne (perennial ryegrass), and Festuca rubra rubra (spreading rescue). Minimum time for completion of a life cycle from second-stage juvenile to mature brown cyst was 40 days at 22-28 C. Inoculation by single juveniles indicated that reproduction was most likely by amphimixis. Infestation levels of 50 or 500 juveniles/250 cm³ soil did not affect top dry weight, root dry weight, or total dry weight of Poa annua. Key words: cyst nematode, Poa annua, P. pratensis, Lolium perenne, Festuca rubra rubra, pathogenicity, life cycle, reproduction.