Heterodera raskii n. sp. (Heteroderidae: Tylenchina), a Cyst Nematode on Grass, from Hyderabad, India

  • C. P. Basnet
  • A. Jayaprakash


Heterodera raskii n. sp. is described and illustrated from specimens collected from roots of bulb grass, Cyperus bulbosus, in Hyderabad, India. The new species belongs to the 'goettingiana' group and differs from closely related H. cyperi by the elongate ovoid shaped cysts and females, greater fenestral length, width, vulval slit, and absence of egg sac. The stylet knob shape was round in second-stage juveniles and posteriorly sloping in females and males of H. raskii n. sp., while it was anteriorly directed in second-stage juveniles and spherical in females and males of H. cyperi. Key words: taxonomy, morphology, bulb grass, Cyperus bulbosus.