Occurrence of Aphelenchoides besseyi in Louisiana Rice Seed and Its Interaction with Sclerotium oryzae in Selected Cultivars


  • Edward C. McGawley
  • M. C. Rush
  • J. P. Hollis


Aphelenchoides besseyi, the nematode causal agent of white-tip disease of rice, was recovered from 5.5% of 474 seed samples obtained from rice seed warehouses in Louisiana. Laboratory tests in which A. besseyi-infested rice seed was treated with PhostoxinÖ, a compound used for control of insects in stored grain, indicate that it also has nematicidal properties. In 18-week-duration greenhouse tests, populations of A. besseyi increased 4-5-fold on the cultivars Saturn and Melrose and 3-fold on Nova '76. Green weights of Nova '76 plants inoculated with A. besseyi and Sclerotium oryzae, the causal agent of rice stem rot, were significantly reduced below those of plants inoculated with either organism alone or with distilled water. Weights of Melrose plants were reduced significantly by treatments with A. besseyi alone and A. besseyi plus S. oryzae, but not by S. oryzae alone. Saturn plant weights were not reduced significantly by either organism alone or by the two in combination. Key words: Oryza sativa, host suitability, nematode-fungus interaction, white-tip disease, chemical control.