Biology of Anguina plantaginis Parasitic on Plantago aristata

  • Oswaldo F. Vargas
  • J. N. Sasser


Among 17 species and cultivars of plants exposed to Anguina plantaginis, only Plantago aristata (bracted plantain) was a host. Larvae penetrated the emerging apical meristem; reproduces and migrated progressively; caused twisting and galling of leaves, looping andspiraling of peduncles, and transformation of floral structures into galls. Extreme infections caused stunting and death of entire plants. Hypertrophy and hyperplasia of leaf mesophyll, cell separation and disintegration, and xylem wall thickening in older galls occurred. Only third-stage larvae were infective, and they exhibited cryptobiosis under adverse conditions. Key words: histology, life cycle.