Comparative Influence of Radopholus similis and Pratylenchus coffeae on Citrus

  • J. H. O'Bannon
  • J. D. Radewald
  • A. T. Tomerlin
  • R. N. Inserra


Pratylenchus coffeae was as pathogenic as Radopholus sirnilis to commercial citrus rootstocks. No rootstock resistant to R. similis was resistant to P. coffeae. Both nematodes stunted citrus in three soil types. Seedling damage by P. coffeae and R. similis was greatest in fine- and coarse-textured soils, respectively. Reproduction and survival on citrus were greater for P. coffeae than for R. similis. Mixed inoculations with R. similis and P. coffeae resulted in lower populations of each species than did separate inoculations. Key Words: Burrowing nematode, lesion nematode, rootstocks, soil type.