Free Amino Acids in Roots of Infected Cotton Seedlings Resistant and Susceptible to Meloidogyne incognita

  • S. A. Lewis
  • M. A. McClure


Quantities of free amino acids in segments of cotton roots resistant and susceptible to Meloidogyne incognita were compared. Following infection, the root-knot susceptible cultivar, M8, had greater percentage increases of certain individual free amino acids than the resistant cultivar, Clevewilt, but the sum total of free amino acids was greatest in the resistant cultivar. More free amino acids were present in infected than in noninfected plants of both cultivars. The overall concn of glycine declined over the I 0-day period following inoculation. The concns of the aromatic amino acids, tyrosine and phenylalanine, varied as functions of infection, cultivar, and time of harvest. Proline in susceptible M8 increased nearly 2000-fold 10 days after infection, when considerable thickening of syncytial walls is occurring. Key Words: resistance, root-knot nematode, cell-wall metabolism.