Nematode Community Structure of Forest Woodlots: III. Ordinations of Taxonomic Groups and Biomass


  • S. R. Johnson
  • J. M. Ferris
  • V. R. Ferris


Nematode communities of 18 Indiana mixed hardwood stands were comprised of an average of 23% tylenchid species, 31% dorylaimid species, and 46% species of six other orders. Based on total numbers of individuals present the stands averaged 42% tylenchids, 20% dorylaimids, and 38% individuals of other orders. Ordination of the sites using data only for tylenchid species gave an even distribution of sites, indicating little effect of site disturbances on tylenchid populations. By contrast an ordination using data for dorylaimid species showed a high degree ofd issimilarity between reference sites indicating that disturbances at some sites had drastically affected the dorylaimid fauna. An ordination utilizing biomass of all species present was very similar to the ordination based on data for dorylaimid species only. Key Words: Indiana hardwood stands; Tylenchida; Dorylaimida; Rhabditida; Teratocephalida; Araeolaimida, Monhysterida; Chromadorida; Enoplida.