Anatomical Studies of Citrus jambhiri Lush. Roots Infected by Pratylenchus coffeae

  • J. D. Radewald
  • J. H. O'Bannon
  • A. T. Tomerli


All motile stages of Pratylenchus coffeae infected mature and immature tissues of Citrus jambhiri (rough lemon) seedling tap roots. The nematodes fed primarily in the cortex and colonized in pockets or cavities. Intra- and intercellular migration within the cortex occurred in either direction from the point of entry. When P. coffeae invaded a root tip the meristem often was destroyed and lateral root initiation usually occurred near the destroyed root tip. Males were essential for reproduction and survived at least 2 1/2 months within root tissues, but with males alone used as inoculum, no cortical pockets were formed. On infected trees in the field P. coffeae were most numerous in C. jambhiri feeder roots. Key Words: Inoculation methods, males, mass entry, root size, biology.