Influence of Six Varieties of Cynodon on Four Meloidogyne spp.

  • M. O. Adeniji
  • H. R. Chheda


Two years of giant star grass, Cynodon nlemluensis var. nlemfuensis, in a field plot markedly reduced the incidence of the root-knot nematodes. Tomato planted following the grass showed very little or no root galling and the yield was thrice that of tomato planted on an adjacent field plot previously cropped to tomato. Replicated greenhouse experiments indicated that six varieties of Cynodon were resistant to root-knot nematode but it took up to 6 months of grass growth to appreciably lower the nematode population. The nematodes were eliminated from the soil by all the six grass varieties after 18 months. Key Words: Cynodon nlemfuensis, Giant star grass, nematode control.