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Vol 10 (2019)
Published: 2019-04-08

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HEAL stands for Humanism Evolving Through Arts and Literature. Bringing together writing and art from a variety of sources HEAL acts as a platform where medical students share their growth and development, where faculty and staff impart their knowledge gained from experience, and where members of the community express how health and healing have impacted their lives, so that when viewed together may promote humanism. HEAL strives to bridge the growing gap between patients and their providers while hoping to produce a meaningful creative outlet to those who participate in the publication of its bi-monthly newsletter and annual literary journal. Students, faculty, staff, and members of the community affiliated with the FSU COM are encouraged to submit their art and literary works. For each group, HEAL serves a different purpose.

HEAL volumes contain a mixture of pieces from many sources that, when combined, can be used as a tool in promoting humanism in medicine. HEAL creates partnerships between students, faculty, staff, and patients through artistic collaboration. Readers experience very personal creations from a variety of perspectives. Readers can then reevaluate their paradigms and seek a new, positive healthcare experience.

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