High School Geography Textbook Adoption: A Leon County, Florida Case Study


  • Ilhan Kaya
  • Jonathan Leib
  • Janet Kodras


Despite the advent of computers and resource-based learning, textbooks continue to be the primary educational resource in school classrooms today (Tulley 1985, Allen 2001).  However, geographers have paid scant attention to the procedures that are used to select textbooks for geography education (Bednarz 1997, Craves 1997). Bednarz (1997, 65) is correct when she states "the process by which texts are developed and purchased by school districts and, in some cases, an entire state, is [a] fascinating aspect of textbook research in this country." Although there have been studies of social science textbook adoption procedures (e.g., Allen 2001 Apple 1995, Altbach 1991, Bushweller 1995, Pearce 1996), there is a lack of studies of geography textbook adoption practices.