Hurricane Season Wind Damage in an Urban Landscape: A Case Study of Jacksonville University Campus


  • Jeff Martin Department of Geography Jacksonville University


Under a scenario of predicted increases in tropical storms Florida is no more susceptible to wind damage than in past decades (Goldenberg et al., 2001;Landsea et. al., 1999).  No location in the Southeast is free from tropical storm damage, but Florida with its southerly location and peninsular setting is the most vulnerable.  Consistent with this geography, Florida was impacted by more tropical systems than any other state during the intense 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons. Even though 2005 received more notoriety as the busiest and the most costly hurricane season on record, it was the 2004 season that was more devastating to Florida.  During 2004 virtually no region in the state escaped tropical storm damage. Indeed, several locations were impacted on numerous occasions, and some cities were hit multiple times within a one month period.