The Greek Community of Broward County, Florida: Its Origin, Growth and Evolution


  • Mary Caravelis Department of History and Political Science, Barry University


United States --Census, American community survey, Broward County (Fla.) --Population, Greek Americans, United States --Ethnic relations, Migration, Internal, Immigrants --United States, Greeks –Canada, Orthodox Eastern Church, Cultural assimilation


According to the 2006 U.S. Census' American Community Survey (ACS), more than 11,000 persons claim Greek descent. Those self-identified Greeks have created a vibrant Greek ethnic community that is not spatially connected, yet it reflects the diverse origins and cultural experiences of its members. The Greek community of Broward County is an ethnic community whose occupants have created a social space of interaction between different localities. The socio-spatial construction of the Greek ethnic space is a complex process that takes place at multiple levels with evidence of a continual evolution reflecting its members.