Forest Cover and Land-use Change in Rural Mountain District Darchula of Farwestern Nepal


  • Ripu Kunwar Florida Atlantic University
  • Tobin Hindle Florida Atlantic University
  • Bhagawat Rimal


The description of land-use dynamics provides insights into the ecological and biogeographical processes. Additionally, the relationship of human and biological components, as well as climatic conditions, are well incorporated in land-use analysis. In the present communication, we analyse forest and land-use land cover (LULC) changes at various spatial and temporal scales in order to better understand the geo-ecological and socio-cultural complexities using aerial photography, satellite imagery and topographic maps.  Evidence of forest cover change was found to occur over time. Community based forest management systems aided restoring forest cover whereas overexploitation and human migration led to forest degradation. However, more recently (between 2010 and 2016), the cover of forest increased slightly, which is consistent with the countrys’ efforts to improve forest cover., These findings serve as a hope of better human-nature interactions in the future and suggests more integrated and periodic research is needed for precise forest cover monitoring.

Author Biography

Ripu Kunwar, Florida Atlantic University

Department of Geosciences