A New Species of <I>Pyramica</I> (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Mississippi, U.S.A.


  • Joe A. MacGown
  • JoVonn G. Hill


A new species of Dacetine ant, Pyramica subnuda new species, is described from Mississippi. The new species, known only from a single dealate queen, differs from most North American species of Pyramica in that it lacks spongiform tissue beneath the petiole and gaster and only has a reduced amount of spongiform tissue below the postpetiole. This species is provisionally placed in the schultzi group based on similarities of mandibular dentition, lack of spongiform tissue on the petiole, and other characters that define the group. Additionally, 6 new state records of ants in the genus Pyramica are reported for Mississippi: Pyramica abdita (Wesson and Wesson), P. filirrhina (Brown), P. inopina (Deyrup and Cover), P. margaritae (Forel), P. pergandei (Emery), and P. wrayi (Brown).

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