The Planthopper Genus Acanalonia in Florida with Notes on a Recently Introduced Species, A. <I>excavata</I> (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Acanaloniidae)

  • Susan Halbert
  • Lois B. O'Brien
  • Stephen W. Wilson


Acanalonia excavata Van Duzee, described from Nicaragua, has been found at 4 localities in Florida. Although 6 species of Acanalonia have been reported from Florida, 2 species known from single disjunct records, A. concinnula Fowler and A. virescens Stål, are either in error, or finds have not been replicated. A key for the identification of the resulting 5 species known to occur in Florida is provided. The male and female genitalia of A. excavata are illustrated, and the placement of this species in the key to the United States species is indicated.

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