Distribution of Poneromorph Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in the Mexican State of Morelos

  • Luis N. Quiroz-robledo
  • Jorge Valenzuela-gonzález


We surveyed poneromorph ants of Morelos state in south-central Mexico with pitfall traps and hand collecting. In total, we collected 16 poneromorph species representing 9 genera (Anochetus, Ectatomma, Gnamptogenys, Hypoponera, Leptogenys, Odontomachus, Pachycondyla, and Patythyrea). Although all 16 species are previously known from Mexico, our records increase the number of poneromorphs known from Morelos from 5 to 18. The most commonly collected species were O. clarus, G. striatula, E. tuberculum, and H. opaciceps, all extremely widespread Neotropical species. Some information is provided on distribution, foraging strati, and nesting.

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