Description of the Final Instar of Trichomalopsis peregrina (Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae), with Data and Comments on the Preimaginal Stages

  • Jos Tormos
  • Enric Frago
  • Jess Selfa
  • Josep Daniel Asis
  • Juli Pujade-Villar
  • Miguel Guar


The preimaginal stages of T. peregrina are described. The egg displays a sculptured chorion, which is found only on those deposited externally. The immature larvae are characterized by their peculiarities in (a) a setose ring on the thoracic and abdominal segments, (b) an anal notch and (c) size and the sensory structures of the head capsule. The final instar is described and illustrated. Morphological structures of diagnostic value are discussed. The most salient character shown by the mature larva of this species lies in the epistoma, which is complete.

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