Thysanoptera Recorded from California, U.S.A., A Checklist

  • Mark S. Hoddle
  • Laurence A. Mound
  • Sueo Nakahara


In California U.S.A., 238 named species of the insect Order Thysanoptera, in 87 genera and eight families, are listed as having been found in this state. Inspection of museum collections indicates many undescribed species of thrips exist. Little is known of the host plants of native California thrips species, due to imprecise collecting methods such as sweep netting swaths of mixed vegetation. At least 40 (17%) of the listed species in California are introduced from other parts of the world. Two terebrantian families (Adiheterothripidae and Fauriellidae), and one genus (Orothrips) in a third terebrantian family (Aeolothripidae), have a remarkably disjunct distribution between California and the European Mediterranean region.

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