Cabbage Looper Moths (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Trapped with Male Pheromone

  • Peter J. Landolt
  • Richard S. Zack
  • D. Green
  • L. Decamelo


Traps in field plots assessed attraction of the cabbage looper moth, Trichoplusia ni (Hübner), to lures emitting synthetic chemicals identified as the pheromone of the male; linalool, p-cresol and m-cresol. Male and female cabbage looper moths were captured in traps baited with racemic linalool, but significantly greater numbers of both sexes were captured in traps baited with the 3-component blend. Virgin and mated female cabbage looper moths were captured, with up to 5 spermatophores per female in mated ones. Pheromone was dispensed from polypropylene vials, and numbers of moths captured in traps increased with the size of the hole in the vial lid, up to the maximum 25-mm diameter hole tested. Rates of release of pheromone from vials with 25-mm diameter holes in the laboratory decreased from 4 to 3 milligrams per h over a four-week duration. This is the first evidence in the field of cabbage looper response to the chemicals identified as pheromones of the male.

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