Evaluation of Tsetse Attractants as Baits for Horse Flies and Deer Flies (Diptera: Tabanidae) in Louisiana

  • Lane D. Foil
  • Lawrence J. Hribar


Two experiments were conducted near Washington, Louisiana, to evaluate attraction of Tabanidae to known tsetse attractants. In the first experiment octenol was dispensed from reaction vials and polyethylene sachets, acetone was dispensed from a jar capped with a perforated lid, and a mixture of octenol, 3-n-propylphenol, and 4-methylphenol (4:1:8) was dispensed from sachets. Fourteen species or species groups of tabanid flies were attracted equally to octenol, whether dispensed from reaction vials or sachets. There were no differences in numbers of tabanids attracted to 4:1:8 bait and to octenol, whether dispensed from sachets or reaction vials. Acetone was no more attractive than were control traps. In the second experiment, 4:1:8, acetone, 4:1:8 + acetone (1:50), and commercially available pepper sauce (TabascoR) were compared. Nine species or species groups of tabanid flies were collected. The 4:1:8 and 4:1:8 + acetone baits were equally attractive to tabanids, whereas there were no differences among the pepper sauce, acetone, and unbaited controls.
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