Morphology and Distribution of the Sense Organs on the Antennae of Copitarsia consueta (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

  • Victor R. Castrejon-Gomez
  • Jorge Valdez-Carrasco
  • Juan Cibrian-Tovar
  • Mario Camino-Lavin
  • Rodolfo Osorio O.


Five types of sensilla were found on the antennae of adult Copitarsia consueta (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) by scanning electron microscopy and light microscopy. Those sensilla were trichoidea, coeloconica, styloconica, basiconica and squamiformia. Two types of sexually dimorphic sensilla trichodea were found; type I is in the border of the sensory field of the flagellar segments and present only on male antennae. This suggests that the sensillum may contain the receptor sites for the female sex pheromone. Type II is located within the ventro-medial sensillar field where it is arranged without apparent pattern. Six types of sensilla chaetica were found around antennal segments, and were particularly abundant on the apical antennal segment. One sensillum styloconicum was identified per segment, except for the apical segment, where it varies in number. Each sensillum consists of a base, a stalk and a cone. Each flagellar segment bears several sensilla coeloconica on the ventral surface, situated on or near distal edge. Each sensillum consists of a depression surrounded by 15 to 17 "teeth" and one peg. Two types of sensilla basiconica were identified, type I is more curved and broader than type II.
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