An Annotated Checklist of the Ceratopogonidae (Diptera) of Florida with a New Synonymy


  • Alan J. Wilkening
  • Daniel L. Kline
  • Willis W. Wirth


We record 211 species of biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) from 64 of the 67 Florida counties. Approximately 40% of all described Nearctic species occur in Florida, represented among 25 of the 37 North American genera. Florida county records are presented for each species based upon information gleaned from adult specimens in collections and from published and unpublished records. Recorded from Florida as new to the United States are: Culicoides jamaicensis Edwards (from Dade County) and Monohelea multilineata (Lutz) (from Lee County). Reported from Florida for the first time are: Forcipomyia baueri Wirth, Forcipomyia crinita Saunders, Forcipomyia johannseni Thomsen, Dasyhelea pollinosa Wirth, Johannsenomyia annulicornis Malloch, Mallochohelea caudellii (Coquillett), Mallochohelea spinipes Wirth, and Monohelea macfiei Wirth. Stilobezzia punctipes Wirth, 1953 was found to be a junior subjective synonym of Stilobezzia kiefferi Lane, 1947 (NEW SYNONYMY).






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