Vol. 30 (2012)
Issue Description

The Limburg Staurotheke: A Reassessment, Brad Hostetler
Kingship and the Materiality of Cameos: The Afterlife of the Grand Camee in Capetian Paris, Catherine Fernandez
Edirne Kapi and the Creation of Ottoman Ceremonial Iconography and Topography, Christopher Timm
Clothes Make the God: The Ehecatl of Calixtlahuaca, Mexico, Jennifer Lunn Burley
Crossing the Rubicon in Renaissance Fashion: A Re-dating of the Engravings on the Sword of Cesar Borgia, Elizabeth Bemis
The Catholic Cosmos Made Small: Athanasius Kircher and His Museum in Rome, Bradley J. Cavallo
Building a Secular Sepurchre: Horace Walpole and the Gothic Revival at Strawberry Hill, Saskia Beranek
Impressionism and the Salons Juifs: The Ephrussi Family and Jewish Patronage Networks in 1880’s Paris, Elizabeth Melanson
Peasants and Politics: Croat Ethnography and Nationalism in the Work of Maksimilijan Vanka, Heidi A. Cook
Lund Ward’s Novels in Woodcuts: The Cinematic Subtext, Christina Weyl
Vision and Visuality in Franco’s Valley of the Fallen, Maite Barragan

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