Defamation Law: A Comparison of the Law of Defamation in the Republic of Ireland and in the United States of America


  • Essie Toyo Wuddah


The Depp v. Heard case in early 2022 took the global media by storm with the revelation of shocking facts and the endeavour to mend a man’s broken reputation. In this case, the defendant, Heard, accused Depp, her ex-husband of domestic abuse and many believed these accusations which in turn, sullied Depp’s reputation and negatively impacted his career. Depp maintained that the accusations were untrue and brought forth a defamation suit against Heard. This case undeniably sparked public interest in the law of defamation and its application across the world. The following article will delve into the topic of defamation law with a comprehensive focus on the law of defamation in the Republic of Ireland and the United States of America, their origins, how they contrast and their similarities. The objective of this article will be to conclude which country has the more effective law on defamation.