Gendered Species of Yoruba Plants: An Ecofeminist Perspective


Feminine relevance, ẹbọ rírú /ètùtù ṣíṣe, Ecocultural context, abo- and Ecofeminism.


The phenomena of female and male collaboration or concurrence towards making a positive and progressive impact in most environmental situations in Yorùbá land cannot be over-emphasized. From published works of Yorùbá literature and other oral data, such as in poetry texts, findings show extant research on many herbs [plants]. Such findings show that there exists a dichotomy between the gendered species of plants. In addition, evidence reveals that within the Yorùbá belief system, some cultural practices are evident in support of the ecofeminist thought spanning various contexts in politics, warfare, or conflict resolutions, as well as Yorùbá Òrìṣà cults. Therefore, this essay seeks to explore the feminine relevance and significance in some contexts of herb or plant growth and their nature. The theory of ecofeminism and the sociology of literature are applied. The study shall make use of relevant orature to support the validity and essentialism of creation and the strengths deposited in the female gender regarding its purpose and values in contents and context, modern diversity, and contemporary views at large on nature. This is to emphasize the significance of the abo-female as supported by nature and other iconic materials within the sacred/metaphysical realm.
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