Yoruba Language Use in Lagos State Legislative Assembly: Challenges and Prospects


Legislature, Yoruba, Bill, Order paper, Economy



This study examined the challenges and prospects of the use of the Yoruba Language for legislative business in the Lagos State House of Assembly. The Assembly adopted the use of the Yoruba language for its deliberation every Thursday in 2007. This study made use of an in-depth interview guide to elicit responses from research subjects, who were drawn from among the Legislative officers, aides, and assistants, totaling ten. In addition, we consulted archival notes, Order Paper, Proceedings of the House, newspapers, and other recorded material. Our findings revealed that there is an insufficient number of Yoruba legislative reporters, while some legislators are still trying to grapple with the use of Yoruba. Similarly, most statutory committee members do not speak the Yoruba language during meetings or public hearings. The prospects of the initiative include, among others, bringing legislative practice to the doorstep of the common man. For instance, the House has now passed a bill into law making Yoruba language compulsory both as a subject and a language in Lagos State public schools toward the growth of the economy of Lagos State.

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