Yoruba Culture in a Changing World


Arts, Culture, Ideology, Ọmọlúàbí Philosophy, Literary Culture, Sociopolitical Institution


Culture, a way of life, ideology, and philosophy of a people, has been a focal point of scholarly research in the fields of literature, language, history, and sociology, among others. The findings of existing research have established that culture is dynamic. The Yorùbá culture, like other cultures of the world is not static. Hence, in this discourse, we will examine the impact of the changes in the Yorùbá society on the culture of the people.

Data for the study drawn from Yorùbá cultural heritage, literary works, home video, films and oral genres. The data were subjected to content and interpretive analysis. Findings reveal that some indices of Yorùbá culture have experienced constant flux due to the mobile nature of the culture and its contact with other cultures. The research also affirm that the preservation of the culture prompted some stakeholders to change the existing norm in order to add value to the Yorùbá culture for the benefit of the upcoming generation. It further revealed that the changes that the culture witnesses could be seen as a two-edged sword, with both positive and negative impacts. Positive in the sense of elements that enhance sustainable development and negative from the purview of elements that degrade, diminish, and decimate human flourishing.

The research concludes that the response of the Yorùbá culture to changes could impact positively on growth. In other word, human activities in Yorùbá culture should be tailored in positive direction to enhance national and social-economic development. Hence, the revitalization, documentation and preservation of culture should be of interest to the government and policy makers.

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