Èjìgbòmẹkùn Market in Ilé-Ifẹ̀: Investigating the Nexus between the Mythical and Modern era of the Yorùbá History



 Èji gbo ̀ me ̀ kụ n market has featured prominently in Yorùbá folklore, Ifa ̀ ́ verses, maxims, and proverbs. Therefore, the presence of a market by that name in the modern time at the northern end of Ìlaré̀ ̣ street in Ilé-Ifè ̣ reminds one of that mythical Èji gbo ̀ me ̀ kụ n market and the mysteries that ̀ surrounded it. One of the questions that normally flow into one’s mind is whether or not the modern Èji gbo ̀ me ̀ kụ n market is also shrouded in such ̀ mysteries as attributable to the mythical one. Tis study aims at ascertaining the importance of Èjigbo ̀ me ̀ kụ n market in the Yorùbá history as references ̀ are usually made to it by the entire Yorùbá race as an important institution. The study also aims at investigating the link between the mythical and the modern Èjigbo ̀ me ̀ kụ n markets with the use of historical method which involves the use of oral data gathered through interviews, archival documents, and relevant texts. It is hoped that historicizing such an institution with a mythical existence that have a modern offshoot will engender a better understanding of the Yorùbá history.

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