The Structural Changing Phases of Ifẹ̀ Festivals and Tradition Towards Economic Boost and Cultural Tourism


Festivals provide information on the origin of beliefs, historical antecedents, socio-cultural and socio-political desires, meant for bonding. The resultant effect of participation in festivals enables the participants to protect and sustain the festivals. However, our research informs that a number of the official festival activities with the tones of its referred sacredness in Ilé-Ifè, which ̣ is the domain of data collection and subject of our analysis, are being restructured in outlook and content to boost the economic survival of the people; and for cultural tourism. Tis essay seeks to interrogate these structural reforms, with the mind of identifying improved areas of the age-long tradition, the philosophy of the festival, and the economic value added. The apparatus of analysis shall premise on cultural semiotics and sociology of literature.
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