Portrayal of Social Vices in Obasa’s Poetry


Tis essay examines sub-themes of social vices like wickedness, disobedience, stubbornness, jealousy, deception, greed, laziness, corruption, treachery, foolishness and ignorance, extremism etc. in Obasa’s poetry. ́ The study shows that Obasa ̩ was a renowned and seasoned poet who used poetic language as a ́ tool to convey Yoruba perspectives and philosophy to his readers. The study further shows that Obasa’s poetry series are ever relevant as they address current issues on human relations, socio-cultural, and socio-economic situations of the present-day Nigeria. Tis work concludes that Obasa ̩ ́ was a teacher of morals and ethics who used poetry as a medium of waging war against societal ills.

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