The Tongue, The Gong and the Song: Olú Ọbáfẹ́mi at 70


Now that the bird of songs dazzles us as it flies in the sky, let us clap our hands and pay homage to the carrier of our country’s light. In the tribe of words, the calabash of wisdom never misses. From the streets of this land to the world across, those who know the music of hope know the words weaved by you, Olú. You are the song, you are the gong. You are the dance that lifts our feet to the drumbeats of Àyángalú. Today we pay homage to the Anígilájé that entertains us with fecund lyrics from the home of music.

Ìbà We pay homage to the seer who cast his spell of light to map the future of our land. B’ọ́mọdé ò bá bá’tàn, á bárọ̀ọ́bá.
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