An African Monotheism: The Igbe Religion of the Urhobo and the Economic Importance of <I>Ore-Isi</i> Festival


This article illustrates the religious diversity of coastal Nigeria by analyzing the Igbe religion, a monotheist religion practiced mainly by Urhobo speakers. The first part of the article situates Igbe within the concept of “Evolving Modern Religion” rather than “African Traditional Religion” because it has a founder and is a monotheist religion. It then provides the historical background to the emergence of Igbe religion and gives an overview to its organisation. The second part of the article describes the religion’s main Ore-Isi festival and explores its core values and the nostalgic experiences in the minds of Igbe adherents. The third section of the article analyses the social and economic benefits of the Ore-Isi festival and its implications for Delta State in particular and Nigeria in
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