Notes on the genus <i>Memphis: </i>Hitherto unknown females, new records<i> </i>from Venezuela and comments on <i>M. wellingi </i>(Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Charaxinae).


  • A. M. Orellana B.


Amazonas, Andes, biogeography, Bolivar, Colombia, Cymatogramma, distribution, Fountainea, Guyana, Mexico, Neotropical, Orinoco, sexual dimorphism, South America, taxonomy, Venezuela


The females of Memphis mora (Druce, 1874) (= M. memphis C. & R. Felder, 1867) and M. basilia (Cramer, 1780) are described for the first time with brief diagnoses. Conspecificity of recognized species with the latter two are outlined, but are not formally proposed. Three species are added to the Venezuelan fauna, with provenance from the southern half of the country, elevating the total number in the genus to 28. Finally, the original proposed relationship of M wellingi Miller & Miller, 1976, is discussed, leading to a reconsideration in the structuring of the genus.