Notes on the Cacao Plume Moth in Honduras and description of the larvae and pupae (Lepidoptera: Pterophoridae).

  • D. L. Matthews
  • J. Y. Miller
Keywords: Pterophoroidea, Pterophorinae, Platyptiliini, Oxyptilus, cocoa, cacao, chocolate, cacauais, cacueiro, pests, Malvaceae, Sterculiaceae, Theobroma cacao, chaetotaxy, morphology, immatures, Michaelophorus nubilus, M. indentatus, M. dentiger


Observations on the life history of the Cacao Plume Moth, Michaelophorus nubilus (Felder & Rogenhofer), in Honduras are presented along with diagnoses and images of adults, and the first detailed descriptions and illustrations of the final instar larva and pupa. The species is reported for the first time from Honduras. Larvae are pests of Theobroma cacao L. and feed primarily on developing leaves.